Candor Capital Acquires Retail Property in New York City for $2.6 Million

Candor Capital, led by Ben Meshel and Adam Ibrahim, purchases a retail property in New York City for $2.6 million.

By on Jul 2, 2023
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Candor Capital Acquires Retail Property in New York City for $2.6 Million

Candor Capital, a prominent real estate investment firm based in New York City, has expanded its portfolio with the acquisition of a retail property in the heart of the city. The property, located at 208 East 14th Street, was sold by Bella Sekons for a total price of $2.6 million. The deal, which was finalized on June 30, 2023, marks another successful transaction for Candor Capital, led by Ben Meshel and Adam Ibrahim.

The retail property spans approximately 1,160 square feet and was purchased at a price per square foot of $2,263. This indicates a strong valuation for the property, reflecting the desirability of the location and potential for future growth.

Candor Capital, known for its strategic investments in prime real estate assets, recognized the value and potential of this particular property. The firm specializes in identifying properties with strong growth prospects and maximizing their value through strategic management and development initiatives.

Ben Meshel, co-founder and managing partner of Candor Capital, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating, “We are thrilled to add this prime retail property to our portfolio. The location offers excellent foot traffic and is surrounded by a vibrant mix of residential and commercial developments. We see tremendous potential for this property and look forward to implementing our value-add strategies to enhance its performance.”

Adam Ibrahim, also a co-founder and managing partner of Candor Capital, echoed Meshel’s sentiments, adding, “New York City remains a highly attractive market for real estate investments. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we believe in the long-term resilience and growth potential of the city. This acquisition aligns with our investment strategy and further strengthens our presence in the New York market.”

The seller, Bella Sekons, recognized the opportunity to capitalize on the strong demand for retail properties in New York City. The property’s prime location and potential for redevelopment made it an attractive asset for investors. Sekons, a seasoned real estate investor, decided to sell the property to pursue other investment opportunities.

Matthew Marshall, a reputable broker with extensive experience in the New York City real estate market, facilitated the transaction. Marshall’s expertise and network played a crucial role in connecting the buyer and seller and ensuring a smooth and efficient deal process.

The acquisition of the retail property at 208 East 14th Street further solidifies Candor Capital’s position as a key player in the New York City real estate market. The firm’s strategic investments and value-add approach have consistently delivered strong returns for its investors. With this latest acquisition, Candor Capital continues to demonstrate its commitment to identifying and capitalizing on lucrative investment opportunities in the city’s dynamic real estate landscape.

In conclusion, the acquisition of the retail property by Candor Capital represents a significant milestone for the firm and highlights the continued strength of the New York City real estate market. The property’s prime location, combined with the expertise of the buyer and the broker, positions it for future success and value appreciation. As Candor Capital implements its value-add strategies, the property is expected to generate attractive returns and contribute to the firm’s overall portfolio performance.