New York City MultiFamily Property Sells for $2.1 Million

Bajram Sahmanovic purchases a 6-unit MultiFamily property in New York City from Joe Corbo for $2.1 million.

By on Jul 13, 2023
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New York City MultiFamily Property Sells for $2.1 Million

In a recent deal in the New York City real estate market, Bajram Sahmanovic has acquired a 6-unit MultiFamily property from Joe Corbo for a total of 2.1 million. The property, located at 2527 35th St., offers a total of 4,140 square feet with an average price per square foot of 507.

The property is situated in a prime location in New York City, known for its vibrant neighborhoods and high demand for housing. With 6 units, the property provides a great opportunity for rental income and potential appreciation in value.

Bajram Sahmanovic, the buyer, is a prominent investor in the New York City real estate market. With this acquisition, Sahmanovic expands his portfolio and further establishes himself as a key player in the industry.

The seller, Joe Corbo, has decided to part ways with the property after owning it for several years. The sale allows Corbo to realize a profit and potentially reinvest the funds in other real estate ventures.

The transaction was facilitated by Mario Tsikis of Citi Zone Realty. Tsikis is a well-known broker in the New York City market, specializing in MultiFamily properties. His expertise and network played a crucial role in connecting the buyer and seller and ensuring a smooth transaction.

The sale price of 2.1 million reflects the current market conditions and the value of the property. With an average price per unit of 350,000, the property offers an attractive investment opportunity for buyers looking to enter the New York City real estate market.

Overall, this deal highlights the continued strength and demand in the New York City real estate market. Despite challenges and uncertainties, investors and buyers are still actively seeking opportunities in the city. The MultiFamily property at 2527 35th St. presents a promising investment for Bajram Sahmanovic and adds to the diverse portfolio of Joe Corbo. Mario Tsikis of Citi Zone Realty played a pivotal role in bringing the deal together and ensuring a successful transaction.