Woodhaven Residential Property Sells for $1.34M

Anton Mato purchases 2-unit residential property in Woodhaven from Kingsland Properties for $1.34M

By skyrealm.ai on Nov 25, 2020
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Woodhaven Residential Property Sells for $1.34M

Anton Mato, a real estate investor, has purchased a 2-unit residential property located at 84-04 Forest Parkway in Woodhaven for 1.34M. The property was sold by Kingsland Properties, represented by Ali Rashid, for a price per square foot of 507. The property spans 2,640 square feet and each unit was sold for $670,000.

The property is zoned R3X, which allows for one- and two-family homes. The property was last sold in August 2019 for $535,000, indicating a significant increase in value in just over a year.

Woodhaven is a neighborhood in Queens, New York, known for its diverse population and affordable housing options. The area has seen an increase in real estate activity in recent years, with many investors looking to capitalize on the neighborhood’s potential for growth.

This deal highlights the continued demand for residential properties in New York City, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The property’s location in a desirable neighborhood and its potential for rental income likely contributed to its high sale price. The involvement of a well-known broker like Ali Rashid also adds credibility to the deal and may have helped attract potential buyers.

Overall, this sale demonstrates the resilience of the New York City real estate market and the potential for investors to find value in up-and-coming neighborhoods like Woodhaven.