Retail Property in Roslindale Sells for $1.7 Million at $804 Per Square Foot

163-167 Belgrade Ave, Roslindale, Massachusetts, USA sold for $1.7 million on 09-16-2021.

By on Sep 17, 2021
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Retail Property in Roslindale Sells for $1.7 Million at $804 Per Square Foot

A retail property located at 163-167 Belgrade Ave in Roslindale, Massachusetts, recently sold for $1.7 million. The deal closed on September 16, 2021, and the property was sold by an undisclosed seller to an undisclosed buyer. The transaction did not involve any brokers or lenders.

The property spans 2,113 square feet and was sold at a price of $804 per square foot. This is a relatively high price per square foot for a retail property in the area, indicating strong demand for commercial real estate in Roslindale.

Roslindale is a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts, and is known for its diverse population and vibrant commercial district. The area has seen significant growth in recent years, with new businesses and developments popping up throughout the neighborhood.

The property at 163-167 Belgrade Ave is located in the heart of Roslindale’s commercial district, making it an attractive investment opportunity. The property is situated on a busy street with high foot traffic, and is surrounded by a mix of retail and residential properties.

The buyer of the property has not been disclosed, so it is unclear what their plans are for the space. However, given the high price per square foot, it is likely that the buyer sees significant potential in the property and the surrounding area.

Overall, the sale of 163-167 Belgrade Ave is a strong indicator of the demand for commercial real estate in Roslindale. With its vibrant commercial district and growing population, the area is likely to continue to attract investors and developers in the coming years.