Mixed-Use Property in Ft. Lauderdale Traded for $2.5 Million

Native Realty's Sara Dorfman brokers the sale of a 6,904 sq. ft. mixed-use property in Ft. Lauderdale for $2.5 million.

By skyrealm.ai on Sep 15, 2021
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Mixed-Use Property in Ft. Lauderdale Traded for $2.5 Million

Ft. Lauderdale’s commercial real estate market saw a significant transaction recently, with the sale of a mixed-use property located at 928 NE 20th Ave. for $2.5 million. The property, which spans 6,904 sq. ft., was sold by an undisclosed seller to an undisclosed buyer. The deal was brokered by Sara Dorfman of Native Realty.

The property is located in a prime area of Ft. Lauderdale, just minutes away from the beach and downtown. It features a mix of retail and residential space, with four retail units on the ground floor and four residential units on the second floor. The property is currently fully leased, providing a steady stream of income for the new owner.

The sale price of 2.5 million translates to a price per square foot of 362, which is in line with recent sales of similar properties in the area. The property’s asking price was also $2.5 million, indicating that the seller was able to achieve their desired price.

Sara Dorfman of Native Realty is a well-known broker in the Ft. Lauderdale commercial real estate market, with a track record of successful transactions. Ofir Badash, the photographer who captured an image of the property, is also a respected member of the real estate community.

Overall, the sale of this mixed-use property in Ft. Lauderdale is a positive sign for the local commercial real estate market. With demand for properties in the area remaining strong, it is likely that we will see more transactions like this in the coming months.