Isaac Schapiro Acquires West Hollywood SFR from Joseph A. Dominci for $1.55M

Isaac Schapiro purchases a single-family residence in West Hollywood from Joseph A. Dominci for $1.55 million.

By on Dec 15, 2021
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Isaac Schapiro Acquires West Hollywood SFR from Joseph A. Dominci for $1.55M

In a recent transaction in the West Hollywood real estate market, Isaac Schapiro has acquired a single-family residence located at 9024 Keith Avenue from Joseph A. Dominci for a sale price of 1.55 million. The property, which spans 1,239 square feet, was sold at a price per square foot of 1,251. The deal was facilitated by brokers Allen Kian and Yohann Bensimon of Ikon Advisors.

The property at 9024 Keith Avenue is situated in a prime location in West Hollywood, known for its vibrant entertainment and nightlife scene. The single-family residence features a modern design with sleek finishes and an open floor plan. With its desirable location and attractive features, the property is expected to be a valuable addition to Isaac Schapiro’s real estate portfolio.

Isaac Schapiro, a prominent real estate investor, has been actively acquiring properties in the Los Angeles area. His investment strategy focuses on acquiring assets with strong growth potential and long-term value. The purchase of the West Hollywood SFR aligns with his investment goals and further diversifies his real estate holdings.

On the selling side, Joseph A. Dominci has decided to part ways with the property at 9024 Keith Avenue. Dominci, a seasoned real estate investor, recognized the opportunity to capitalize on the strong demand for properties in West Hollywood. The sale of the single-family residence allows Dominci to realize a profitable return on his investment.

The transaction was facilitated by Allen Kian and Yohann Bensimon of Ikon Advisors, a leading real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles. Kian and Bensimon have a track record of successfully representing clients in high-value real estate deals. Their expertise in the West Hollywood market and strong negotiation skills were instrumental in closing the transaction.

Overall, the sale of the West Hollywood SFR at 9024 Keith Avenue demonstrates the continued demand for properties in this highly sought-after market. With its attractive location and desirable features, the property presents a lucrative investment opportunity for Isaac Schapiro. The deal also highlights the expertise of brokers Allen Kian and Yohann Bensimon in navigating complex real estate transactions in the West Hollywood market.